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animate Practices Adult Christian Education Program
Published Monday, September 25, 2017

animate Practices is a 7 week adult Christian Education series which looks at a variety of faith practices from a fresh perspective. This interactive and lively curriculum begins Thursday, Oct 5 at 6:45 PM here at the church.  Rev. Elena leads the discussion and reflection on the first practice, Prayer: Oriented Toward God.  Our DVD host is Brian McLaren. You are encouraged to purchase a workbook/journal to take advantage of the series.  Available for $10 prior to Oct 5 and that evening. This is a drop-in opportunity to be in fellowship with one antlers and to find out what animates you.

Christian Education is excited to announce our first in a series of explorations on faith practices and spiritual development. This program is suitable for pre-teens, teens and adults willing to explore ways to keep our faith vibrant and an integral part of our lives through Animate Practices. This is an opportunity to be affirmed and challenged as a Christian.

In each session, we will watch a very brief video featuring a voice from the Christian faith, spend time on personal reflection and journaling, and share our thoughts and ideas with the group. Each participant will be asked to contribute toward the cost of a journal that will be yours to use in the sessions and afterwards as you continue to reflect and practice at home.

We will gather at the church for these sessions running from 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm on Thursday evenings. The sessions will be facilitated by your fellow church members. Please put this in your calendar for every week! The sessions are:

Oct. 5: Prayer | Oriented toward God | Brian McLaren

Brian’s take on prayer is less about what prayer does or why we pray. Instead, he focuses on

giving us permission to pray in ways that are meaningful, helpful, and life giving.

Oct. 12: Food | Eating, with Jesus | Sara Miles

Sara believes that French fries can be as holy as organic kale when they are offered and shared in acts of love and fellowship. This point can get lost in our conversations about the “right” kind of


Oct. 19: Worship | Seeking God’s Presence | Mike Slaughter

For many Christians, worship is synonymous with going to church. Mike challenges us to think

about worship as a much richer practice, one we can follow on our own and in community.

Oct. 26: Sacraments | A Tapestry of Traditions | Phyllis Tickle

For many of us, the sacraments have become just another part of our church routine, like hymns

and prayer. But Phyllis asks us to revisit the ancient meaning of these experiences and consider

what we are really up to as we take part in these practices.

Nov. 2: Money | The Joy of Sharing | Shane Claiborne

Shane’s message can easily be construed as political, but he asks us to look beyond -isms and

-ologies to see financial generosity as a kingdom call, rather than a social position.

Nov. 9: Service | The Needs Right in Front of You | Enuma Okoro

Enuma is a seasoned traveler, having lived and worked in countries on four continents. But she encourages us to see the needs around us. This local context can give us a new understanding of what service really looks like.

Nov. 16: Community | An Unexpected Family | Doug Pagitt

Doug pushes us to think of community as more than just a nice idea. He invites us to remake our

communities by bringing our gifts, our talents, and our ideas with us wherever we go.

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