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First Taste at First Church
Published Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sunday, April 19th

immediately following worship


Fundraiser for the Kitenga Village Project in Tanzania

We need your ethnic dishes! Sign up in the Narthex!

Sponsored by the Church Life committee.

The Kitenga Village Project – a girls education initiative

In a far northwest corner of Tanzania, in the village of Kitenga, transformative change is taking place. Dirt roads and pathways, distant markets, no running water or electricity; limited schools and healthcare; a land deforested from cutting wood for cooking; unconscionably high rates of disease, malnutrition and mortality and destructive cultural practices – this is life’s fabric for the 7,500 villagers of Kitenga. It is a hard life, and especially so for girls and women. It is also a place of hope and energy, with great potential in human capacity.

For the first time, thanks to a community of remarkable Tanzanian nuns, villagers have within their reach: clean water, healthcare, a grist mill and vocational training. The Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa has embarked on a bold plan to bring opportunity and resources to this remote community – to transform the landscape from one of poverty, illness and illiteracy to one of hope and opportunity. Elements of the Kitenga Village Project, such as health services, are already up and running. At the heart of the project though, and yet to open, is an extraordinary school for girls.

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