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September Adult Christian Education Class
Published Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is there something about being a woman that transcends time and cultural differences? A class starting September 15, at 9:30 in the morning in Historical Hall, led by Virginia McIntyre and Maria Oakley will examine both beloved and little known heroines of the Bible. As you learn about them, you may be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Many of the issues these women faced are issues of urgent importance to women today. Although much has changed since the first woman walked the earth, one thing remains the same; being a woman is as challenging as it ever was. Come discover the uniqueness of womanhood- the things that after all these years still unite us as daughters of Eve.

Come see how God enabled ordinary woman to live extraordinary lives. How? By turning their weaknesses into strengths, their sorrows into joys, and their despair into hope. Along the way, you will learn great truths about God Himself.

Godís women of yesterday speak boldly to Godís women of today! The women of the Bible play an integral, essential, and crucial role in the eternal plan of God. From heavenís point of view, women are always unique, matchless, and irreplaceable. They are never to be found in a subservient ranking within the Kingdom Of God. Moreover, these women demonstrate to us the lofty ideals of faith and faithfulness, virtues and values, brains and beauty, redemption and resourcefulness, servant-hood and sacrifice. What made these women and many others so remarkable? They loved God passionately, looked to Him in lifeís daily challenges, and yielded to His transforming grace. And you can enjoy Godís miraculous work in your life today by following in their footsteps.

Through a detailed study of Miriam, Esther, Lydia, Deborah, Ruth and Mary , mother of God you will learn that God has called todayís woman to play a significant role in society, in the home and the church. You will learn from their mistakes and discover the blessings of God heaped upon the woman who faithfully trusts the Lord in all situations. Each timeless biblical story mirrors the challenges and changes todayís woman faces. Through understanding these womenís lives, this class will help you discover the God behind their stories and yours. This class will last 6 weeks and will have open enrollment which means you need not be present at every class to reap a benefit. There is no text, other than the Bible.

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