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Open Forum Meeting Date Selection
Published Friday, January 14, 2011

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ;

I write to you to ask a huge favor and a lot of prayers. The favor is simple: Iím asking that you look at the list of ďOpen ForumĒ meeting dates and times, and then pick one that you will attend. Once you have picked your meeting then sign up for that meeting at the church or you can e-mail or call the church office to let us know which meeting youíll attend. Finally, of course, be there. Simple isnít it?

Our Open Forum meetings have been approved by our Session as part of our interim process and everyone is asked to attend just one meeting. At each meeting you will be asked several questions regarding your thoughts and feelings about our congregation, its past and its future.

When you attend a meeting your responses to the questions will be written on newsprint so we can hang the answers in our church building for all to see. The Session, boards and committees will then be given your answers as they plan for the future ministry of our church, and these will also be given to the Pastor Nominating Committee when they are elected so that they can use your input as they seek your next installed pastor.

The Open Forum process has been extremely helpful in many congregations seeking Godís will for their future, and I am confident that if you help we can have a very successful effort here at First Presbyterian Church. As we continue to seek Godís will for our church during our ďinterim timeĒ together I know the Lord will bless us through your efforts and your prayers.

During these winter months, letís all warm up by gathering in prayer and discussion to find ways for our church to move forward and grow!

May God bless us all,

Rev. Dr. Philip S. Gittings

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